DetailProPOS's Newest Features

Last Updated December 2018

Connect Add-Ons To Services

Upselling is everything! If your company offers add-ons for your auto detailing services, you can now directly link them to the services they are connected to. DetailProPOS will now pull these add-on options directly to your checkout screen when you select a service, so you and your employees will never forget to go for that extra money. Increase profits, provide more detailed service, and make life easier for your employees!

MailChimp Integration

When you sync your auto detailing tools to work together, you can do more than ever! Connect DetailProPOS to MailChimp, exporting your email list to get the most out of email marketing. You no longer will have to separately manage both accounts, but can now streamline your email marketing. Send out custom emails about new deals, promotions, and any information you need to convey to your customers to help grow your business and make more money!

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