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Customizable Appointment Tags

Add custom tags or reminders to your auto detailing appointments. Tags show directly on your DetailProPOS calendar so you can quickly act and remember key info.

Yacht Detailing & Asset Tracking

Create custom forms and connect to appointments and invoices in DetailProPOS. Create customizable fields for your Yacht detailing assets including Length overall (LOA), Beam, Marina, custom detailing notes and more.

Customizable Forms

Create custom auto detailing forms for vehicles and other customer assets. Include drop downs, file uploads and other fields you want to track for each of your customers. Year, Make, Model, Stock Numbers, Vins, Diagnostic Form Uploads and more. Create field types using drop down menus, radio selection buttons or more. A completely flexible system so you can track your customers and their assets the way you want.

Infraction Counts

Easily see when booking a client if they are someone that often to no-shows. An 'Infranction Count' will now show on your appointment window when scheduling.

Appointment Reminders

Avoid no shows and last minute cancellations with text and email reminders that go out the night before. Keep your staff busy and maximize shop utilization.

Schedule Trucks & Mobile Vans

Instead of just booking out bays you can now schedule trucks or vans.

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