SignPad for Tablets

Digitally Capture Agreement & Liability Signatures using any iPad or Tablet Device.

Use your touch screen device to go completely paperless.
Simple signature capture and storage for agreements, tips, liability waivers or any custom contract you need signed with your customers.

How it Works

Push any saved form from your computer to your customer facing touch screen device. (Typically this will also be used for your tip and receipt signatures with your DetailPro POS software.) Customer's sign your form, press confirm, and the digital signature is captured and stored in your DetailProPOS software, effortlessly and in the cloud.

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Vehicle Liability Waivers

Avoid any risk of keeping a vehicle at your location. Have customers sign off on a liabilty waiver before leaving the vehicle with you. Once you have that on file you're able to defend and protect your business.

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Smart Tips & Receipts

Use this same touch screen to collect tips and receipt signatures. Easily add 10-20% to your revenue by elegantly and conviently asking for tips at the time of signature. You'll be surprised by how much additional revenue this generates. We see on average $10,000 per detailer per year generated by simply asking for a digital tips.

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Monthly Membership Programs

Have a recurring revenue side to your business? Smart. Now, use SignPad to have customers digitally sign and opt-in to your club or membership discount program. Add their card on file using our secure payment vaultand you're all set to run your program.

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Custom Agreements

Need a custom agreement added for your business? No problem, SignPad allows you to upload a custom form and our team will help you turn it into a template.s

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