Take control of customers and workforce with the best mobile detailing software.

Manage your staff, customers, appointments, and tasks from one dashboard - 24/7.

Mobile detailing software dashboard

DetailPro, the sleekest mobile
detailing app is now available on iOS!

Mobile Detailing Software Features

Built for detailing experts by top industry professionals. Our cloud-based tool includes the following features:

Manage Appointments

Get complete control of your scheduler: select work hours and other times of availability to schedule detailing sessions at your preferred times.

Customer Management

Manage all the transactions and communications with the customer from one centralized cloud-based dashboard.

Point of Sale

Our mobile detailing software allows you to streamline your billing and checkout processes. Collect tips, signatures, reviews, and more - even on an iPad or a Tablet of your choice.


Drive business, serve existing customers, and engage repeating customers using the marketing module of our mobile detailing software.

Vehicle Management

With the mobile detailing software, you get complete control over the diverse and specialized array of vehicles.

Payments and Invoicing

Use an iPad, iPhone or tablet as a customer-facing kiosk to collect signatures and maximize tip revenue with the mobile detailing app.

Dashboard: 360 business overview for your mobile detailing business

From meeting schedules to pending/cleared invoices, staff availability to marketing status - know all of this and more with our mobile detailing software for your business.

Mobile detailing software dashboard
History Communication Activity Stream Notes Emails and Phone Calls Social Media Profiles

Appointment & Meeting Scheduling

DetailPro simplifies appointment and meeting scheduling for mobile detailing shops. Get the ability to schedule appointments based on different variables like time slots, requirements, staff, vehicles, and more.

Mobile detailing software appointment
Screenshot of actual dashboard

POS Checkout Tools

Send online invoices, set up recurring payments, or process a one-time fee - all from the DetailPro dashboard, from a single screen!

Mobile detailing software checkout
Itemized Checkout Digital Receipts Digital Signature Recurring Payment Plans Electronic Invoicing for Corporate Accounts Gift Cards (physical or virtual)


Run campaigns and automatically calculate their overall impact on your business. Request reviews from your clients and ensure the highest level of satisfaction from every visit.

auto detailing software marketing
Word Of Mouth - Review Solicitation Social Media & Website Postings Online Deals Email & Facebook Campaigns

Payments & Invoicing

Create invoices, set up payment methods, and receive payments quickly - all of it using our cloud-based mobile detailing software.

Mobile detailing software invoicing
Invoicing on-time Payment Integrations Invoice Management Blazing Fast Payments

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Why use Mobile Detailing Software?

As the detailing industry becomes more competitive, companies need to automate and modify their processes to get an edge over others. Mobile detailing software helps with precisely that - by helping you not only manage but also scale your detailing business in several ways!

Eliminate most of the operational difficulties around appointment scheduling, POS, marketing, invoicing, and more by switching to our mobile detailing software. Utilize a centralized dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world. Manage vehicles, staff, meetings, invoices, and all other essential operations from one place itself.

By using mobile detailing software, you’re keeping your customers and staff satisfied.

You can operate this mobile detailing software from anywhere in the world. All you need is a device and the internet.

How A Mobile Detailing Software Helps Detailing Business Owners in the US

Saving time and costs:

When customers book an appointment on your mobile detailing software calendar, your staff, customers, and everyone involved gets notified without wasting any time. No human resources are needed to take calls and make bookings - resulting in massive cost cuttings.

Ensuring fewer no-shows:

DetailPro makes it easier for you to take deposits online. You can auto-apply deposits to booking at the time of checkout with just a few clicks. With the information of warranties, you’ll be sure to witness fewer no-shows! Further, you can also schedule automated reminders to your customers using the mobile detailing software before the meetings.

Managing vehicles seamlessly:

Manage various nuances of different cars like detailing costs, detailing service, and more, using DetailPro. Ensure top-notch quality with strictly defined procedures for different vehicle types.

Automating and personalized notifications and reminders:

Set up automated alerts and reminders to inform your staff or your customers in case of any delays in the appointment. Utilize text messages or email notifications to keep everyone up-to-date.

Seamless round-the-globe availability:

Whether you’re working on the move or are temporarily in a different part of the world, the DetailPro calendar syncs based on your time zone you’re in, not just the time zone your shop

Improving by tracking key metrics:

The mobile detailing software gives you a bird’s eye view of all your operations, including all the metrics you should know. Keep track of these metrics and measure them for success!

How Does the Best Mobile Detailing Software Work?

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Step 1

Plug in your cloud-based chip reader to any computer, mac, or pc.


Step 2

Connect/pair your iPad for Tip and Digital Consent Signatures.


Step 3

Open the browser and visit DetailProPos.com.


Step 4

Check out all of your appointments, collect signatures, and accept payments.


Step 5

Manage and pay your staff with the automated end-of-the-day/week sales and commission reports.

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Some questions you might have...

Software developed to cater to mobile detailing businesses must have some essential features, like - CRM, invoicing support, POS support, appointment scheduling, automated reminders, etc. The tool should be cloud-based so that you can access it any time, from anywhere in the world. And that’s what DetailPro does.
If you need to simplify things like managing appointments, scheduling meetings, CRM, POS, marketing, and more - a mobile detailing software is all you need. If you’re struggling with managing and streamlining your detailing shop’s operation - try out our mobile detailing software!
Sure, you can request a demo, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!
Yes. With DetailPro, you get to create digital forms. You can digitally capture consent and liability signature using any iPad or Tablet device. Simply obtain consent and provide your clients with a way to sign on an electronic device at your studio quickly.
DetailPro understands the needs of mobile detailers. You can manage all your operations from anywhere, anytime. DetailPro is not a generic scheduling software but one that’s built especially for you!


88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth

It costs 60% less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one

Digital receipts are eco friendly and preferred by 9 out of 10 consumers

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