Feedback is the lifeblood of a business, and positive reviews are its heartbeat. Every rave review a customer leaves for your car detailing business doesn’t just boost your online visibility and builds trust with potential customers. So, how can you pump up the volume of these reviews? This guide is your roadmap to getting as many great reviews as possible for your business!


1. Request Reviews Directly

The first step to getting anywhere in your car is to start the engine. Just like that, initially, you have to get the reviews rolling by asking for them directly. 

It might feel a bit uncomfortable, but the truth is that most customers are willing to leave a review – they just need a nudge. 

After you’ve given their ride that new car gleam or applied the perfect ceramic coating, kindly request a review – We’d love to hear your thoughts about our service today. Would you mind leaving us a review?

Keep it simple, polite, and to the point.


2. Streamline the Review Process

A complicated review process is like a road filled with potholes – it slows everything down and frustrates the drivers (in this case, your customers). Just as you try to make the process of starting a mobile detailing business smooth, your efforts should also go into making your review process effortless.

Integrate a comprehensive CRM system that can automate review requests, send reminders, and offer easy-to-follow steps for customers to leave reviews. This is like offering your customers the smoothest, easiest route to their destination, making the journey quick & hassle-free.


3. You’ve Got The Reviews, Now Engage With Them

When you’re on the road, you make stops to stretch, refuel, and maybe even admire the view. In the same way, when you receive reviews, you need to pause and engage with them.

Engagement is super important if you want to keep getting more reviews. Customers like to feel seen & heard – you can do both by responding to their reviews. As simple as it sounds, this is something many business owners overlook and one of the common mistakes detailing shops make

When customers see you responding to reviews (both positive and negative), they appreciate the effort and are more likely to become repeat customers. This strategy also has a ‘domino effect’ – the more you engage, the more others will want to join the conversation. 


4. Highlight Your Positive Reviews

If you’ve got it, you’ve gotta flaunt it. Once the reviews start pouring in, you’re going to have great reviews in the mix. Be sure to highlight them everywhere you can – your website, social media, newsletters, and even in your shop. 

Sharing your positive reviews goes a long way toward building credibility and giving potential customers confidence in you. Just as you showcase your selection of the best steam cleaners or vacuum cleaners in your shop, you should proudly display your positive reviews!


5. Expand Your Review Platforms

Most drivers enjoy a scenic route, and diversifying your review platforms gives your customers a similar experience. Having reviews only on your website can limit your visibility. You broaden your reach by encouraging your customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. An advanced POS software system can make this process a breeze with integrated features that let your customers leave reviews on multiple platforms effortlessly. 


6. Offer Incentives for Reviews 

If you go the extra mile with your work to ensure your customers’ cars are spotless, channel that energy into getting reviews as well. You can and should turn that into great reviews if you’re doing great work. Offering incentives like discounts on their next service or entering them into a monthly draw can encourage more customers to leave reviews. But make sure you’re not breaking any rules each review platform has regarding incentives.

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Getting more reviews for your car detailing business is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. With these tips, you’ll be ready to confidently navigate your journey to obtaining more five-star reviews. Remember, the journey to more reviews, like the open road, is always easier when you have a roadmap. So put the pedal to the metal and get those reviews rolling in!



1. How do I directly ask my customers to leave a review without sounding too pushy?

The key is to ask politely and at the right time – mostly after providing a service. Express your appreciation for their business and kindly request that they share their experience in a review. An example could be: We’re thrilled to have been able to work on your car! If you’re happy with our service, could you please share your experience on our Google Reviews page?


2. What’s the advantage of using a CRM system for review management?

A comprehensive CRM system like DetailProPOS can automate the process of requesting reviews, make it easier for customers to leave reviews, and provide a platform for you to engage with the reviews. This makes the process seamless, meaning more reviews and time saved that can be used to provide excellent service.


3. How can I effectively engage with negative reviews?

Respond to negative reviews professionally and calmly. Apologize for the unsatisfactory experience, address the specifics of their complaint, and invite them to discuss further offline if necessary. This shows that you care about your customers’ experiences and are committed to improving your services.


4. How can incentives encourage more customers to leave reviews?

Incentives like discounts on future services or entries into a prize draw can act as a motivating factor for customers to leave a review. It’s a win-win situation – they get rewarded, and you receive valuable feedback to improve your business. Make sure your incentive program aligns with various review platform’s rules.