7 Ways to Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

Starting your auto detailing business is not an easy feat. And guess what else is even harder-growing it. Hundreds of startups crop up every day. Unfortunately, not many live to see their owners reaping the previously imagined glorious profits. Let’s even forget for a minute that there is something called competition.  

Don’t get disappointed yet. There’s good news coming up.

The beauty of an auto detailing business is that it’s an art-just like tattoos. So the good you are at it, the bigger your clientele list grows and the prettier your returns get. But we bet you are already good at auto detailing, right? So let’s now dive straight into the nitty gritties of how to grow your auto detailing business and land more clients.

Proven ways to grow your auto detailing business and make the kaching louder

Here are a few excellent ways to boost the growth of your auto detailing business: 

Explore modern marketing channels

Gone are the days when you opened a shop and hoped someone would pop by. Currently, you must present your company to potential buyers so they can be aware of its existence. It’s called marketing. Word of mouth from your loyal customers will certainly help but you must strive to establish an online presence as well.

You can start by creating a Facebook page. It’s free and can be done in a few minutes. Of course, you’ll have to ask your close friends, family members to share your page link with your friends so you can get started with a good number of fans. Frequent posting (which is essentially providing value) will gain you more followers. With time, you’ll have a pretty sizable audience.

Don’t let Facebook be the end of your social media presence. You can explore Instagram and Pinterest as they are quite awesome when sharing media.

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The following online resource every auto detailing business should have is a website. It should be professional and reflect what your business is all about. Starting a website is one part; the other part involves marketing it both online and offline. When well optimized for SEO, websites can be great sources of income during the days when business is slow.

Join local networking groups

Interactions with fellow auto detailers can get your business more eyeballs. But you are possibly wondering, how can I benefit from my competitors when I should be thinking of overthrowing them? Well, firstly it’s one of the best ways to exchange leads. This is because some businesses get customers for services they don’t offer. When this happens, they can refer your company if you have that particular service.

Secondly, if you are a warm, welcoming, and helpful person, those with plenty of jobs can willingly send some to your shop thus helping you smoothly navigate your slowest days. There’s a catch with joining local network groups-you must be willing to provide value as well. After all, nothing is ever free.

Track and analyze your performance

You cannot grow your business if you don’t know what part is lagging behind. No matter the company size, it’s imperative that you have a way of monitoring everything. There are plenty of great invoicing technologies and accounting software programs that deliver data in formats that are easily understandable. Not ready for paid services? Spreadsheets still work well.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to auto detailing business software, start at DetailPropos. You’ll find a collection of powerful CRMs, marketing tools, Payment software, and other technologies for streamlining your auto detail business.

With all data streaming in, it becomes easier to know which dial needs to be turned and in which direction. Even better, understanding all the variables of your business not only helps you spot a hiccup but guides you in making smarter decisions as well. 

Make adjustments

The metrics you get from your analytics are useful in implementing effective strategies. Use them to make adjustments to areas that need some bumping up. This should include optimizing your website, retargeting existing customers, or exploring other avenues of growth. It will possibly take some outside-the-box thinking to get more opportunities flowing in.

Provide response to online reviews 

Online reviews can grow or kill your business. But the good news is, you can still come out a winner from both positive and negative reviews. All you need to do is provide feedback for each of them. For instance, for every bad feedback received from a dissatisfied client, you can offer to redo the job or give them a promotional coupon.

Interacting with customer reviews is an indication of how you treat your clients. So always remember to be polite.

List your business on online directories and commerce chambers

Online directories and commerce chambers are great places to have your business listed. There are still people who flock to these places in search of credible companies that can perform awesome car tweaks. While the traffic streaming from these platforms may be meagre, it still adds something to your company’s bottom line.

Advertise your company both online and offline

You gotta use the money to get money. While general marketing can get your business beaming with success, it’s a little tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, paid advertising is the simplest way to spring right in front of your potential customers-thanks to the latest artificial intelligence targeting tools.

What platforms are ideal to advertise on? Well frankly, car owners are all over. This means any of the biggest social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can work great. Be sure to monitor how your ads are doing and keep AB testing for the best results.

Are you ready to grow?

An auto detailing business needs to grow to make satisfactory returns. If you don’t want to stay small forever, you must attempt to implement some of the growth strategies highlighted above. In short, market aggressively, be available for local meetings and get your business card to as many people as you can.

Lastly, keep an eye on your performance metrics. It’s important to understand where your buyers are coming from, what services they bought, and other vital metrics for successful retargeting: good luck and all the very best.